30-Days Visa Exemption for Japanese Business Persons

Jan 24, 2024

In order to stimulate the economy and foreign investment after Covid-19 pandemic, the Thai government announced on 28 December 2023 that Japanese business persons (holding Japanese passports) who will be conducting short-term business activities in Thailand (not considered as “work” by the Thai Labor Department) for up to 30 days can do so under visa exemption scheme, effective from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2026. The business activities include…

  1. Attending a meeting, consultation or seminar
  2. Visiting an exhibition or a trade fair
  3. Visiting a business or conferring a business negotiation
  4. Attending a special and technical lecture
  5. Attending a technical training or seminar
  6. Buying products from an expo
  7. Attending a committee meeting in their own company 

    Japanese business persons who wish to perform above activities in Thailand must bring along and present supporting documents such as appointment letter or invitation letter by hosting organization or company to immigration officer at immigration checkpoint counter upon entering the country.

Other nationalities (non-Japanese) are still required to apply for Non-Immigrant “B” visa to conduct above business activities as required by the Thai Immigration Bureau.

For more details regarding the specifics of your situation, please contact our team of experts.

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