Wealthy Pensioners

Qualifications and Criteria

Wealth Status & Investment

  • Passive income of at least USD 80,000 per year at the time of application
  • In case of passive income below USD 80,000 per year but no less than USD 40,000 per year, applicants must invest at least USD 250,000 in Thai government bonds, foreign direct investment, or Thai property

Health Insurance

  • Health insurance with at least USD 50,000 coverage or social security benefits insuring treatment in Thailand or at least USD 100,000 deposit


How is LTR Visa (Wealthy Pensioner category) better than a typical retirement visa?

Below are some of the advantages of LTR Visa comparing with retirement visa:

  • 90 day-report extended to 1-year report
  • No need to renew visa every year
  • LTR Visa holder can work in Thailand (digital work permit)
  • Receive tax exemption from overseas income

What type of income will be counted towards my Wealthy Pensioner application?

For Wealthy Pensioner category, only passive (unearned) income will be counted for your LTR Visa application, i.e. pension, dividend, interest, rental. Earned income, such as salary, will not be considered as eligible income for this category of LTR Visa.