Revised Timeline for Thailand LTR Visa & Digital Work Permit Approval

May 24, 2023

Previous Process: LTR Visa holders who also wish to work in Thailand can apply for digital work permit at the same time. The consideration/approval process, for both LTR Visa and digital work permit, is 20 working days.

Process Change: Effective May 2023, the timeline for LTR Visa application will remain unchanged at 20 working days. However, LTR Visa holder is to apply for digital work permit AFTER obtaining LTR Visa stamp from One Stop Service Center (OSSC). The timeline for digital work permit application is approximately 10 working days.


1. All foreign nationals are required to have a work permit to work legally in Thailand.
2. LTR Visa holders, except for Work-From-Thailand Professionals, are allowed to hold a digital work permit in Thailand.

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